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Traditional dance forms have Yoga aspects to them. Bharata Naatyam, the traditional Indian dance form of South India, have been called Poorna Yoga or Complete Yoga by great dance masters. And yet its great significance eludes many!

Life in Yoga Foundation, through its research on dance forms, and their impact on the five types of energy flow, has unveiled the significance of such dance forms being Poorna or Complete yoga. (See Life in Yoga philosophy of the five fold energy

Life in Yoga Foundation has also developed an easy routine that can be built up in stages to realize the complete yoga effect through a dance like routine, which has been labeled Dance Yoga. Welcome to Dance Yoga!

What is Yoga?

Yoga, in the traditional sense, means union with the Ultimate source of everything, but through usage it has also acquired a second meaning. This refers to the practices that aid one to achieve the union with the Ultimate source of everything.

In our approach, the second element is called Cleansing the Energy Channels, or more traditionally it is called Chita Shuddhi or Naadi Shuddhi. This is the focus of physical and breath yoga exercises. Through exercises involving vibration (naada), thought and pure observation, one can, not only pursue further Cleansing of the Energy Channels, but also develop Connectivity with everything beyond the body, which is the primary goal of yoga.

With such Connectivity, when one experiences the answers to such difficult questions like: "Who am I", "Who or What is everything and everybody else around me?", "What is life?", "Why am I here?", "What should I be doing?"


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